Ekobrew reusable k-cup


The definition of the ideal coffee, the exact grind and other proportional ratios and rituals associated with brewing your coffee are entirely subjective to your particular taste, preference or mood.  Accordingly, a brewing unit that allows you to have a convenient and ideal combination is essential to making great coffee.  If you own a Keurig single-serve coffee brewer and love the convenience and available choices but not the typical, and typically expensive, commercial K-Cups there is an alternative.  Ekobrew is an inexpensive reusable brewing solution compared to the inherently expensive throw-away K-Cup  design.  It is the latest generation of reusable brewing filters engineered to make the coffee you prefer, pay less for it and use less of it while significantly reducing your environmental impact.



Ekobrew is compatible with all Keurig brewers except B30, B100, B130, B150 and B155. The standard Ekobrew is made from 100% BPA-free high grade plastic while the upscale Ekobrew Elite is made from lead-free stainless steel.  There is no difference in size, performance or coffee taste between the two, only price.  The instructions for both are simple and the design is ergonomically pleasing. No difficulty filling the chamber with ground coffee using a teaspoon or using the Ekobrew itself as a scoop.  Leak-resistant lid closes firmly and seals securely, courtesy of the silicone o-ring around the inside edge. Ekobrew is easy to align and insert into the brewer slot with two flat-bottom alignment holes that fit in either direction.  The water dispersal cone on the inside of the lid is ideal for complete coffee saturation and extraction.  Heat-resistant grips on the top sides make it painless to remove immediately after brewing. Rinses out easily with water and is ready to use again.



I sanitize my Ekobrew with hot water, soap and a scrub brush right out of the box, although they are dishwasher safe.  After that, a brief rinse with water and an occasional light scrub will clean them after each use.  If you enjoy different kinds of coffee get more than one so that each Ekobrew is dedicated to a specific blend, type or flavor.

The grind size of your coffee grounds are proportional to any amount of sediment at the bottom of your coffee cup, which seems to be more of a mental hurdle than about actual physical taste, but does deserve consideration.  Grind your coffee anywhere from slightly finer than drip to medium course, a grind range which is large enough to prevent the grounds from getting through the fine steel mesh but small enough for the water to properly extract the flavor.  This grind range also eliminates the risk of stopping or clogging up the Ekobrew, which finer ground coffee is prone to do, and most importantly, prevents unwanted sediment in your cup.  Your ideal, sediment-free coffee largely depends on the size of your grind and the amount of coffee grounds you use and will require a slight adjustment of both to find your preference.

Finally, Ekobrew will not make bad coffee taste good. No amount of freeze drying, packaging gimmicks or artificial preservation compares to fresh-roasted, freshly ground coffee.  The next time you make coffee, know it’s good before you brew it.

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