Our Coffee

Camfield Coffee is a locally owned importer and in-house coffee roaster with more than twenty years of experience in the procurement, roasting and distribution of 100% Arabica coffee.

We take exceptional care throughout our roasting process to ensure you receive the finest, freshest coffee possible. We embrace the tradition of roasting each coffee varietal to-order in signature batches, producing consistently superior coffee profiles that achieve a perfect balance of flavor, acidity, body and aroma.

Available Sizes:

One Pound Bag $13.50

Two Pound Bag $27.00

Five Pound Bag $67.50

Ten 1.5 oz. Frac Pack Bags $13.50

Eight 2 oz. Frac Pack Bags $13.50

Six 2.5 oz. Frac Pack Bags $13.50

What’s in a Pound?






Signature Coffees

  • Colombian Supremo
    A high quality, well-rounded roast with a slight caramel aftertaste.
  • Guatemalan Antigua
    A medium roast balanced with subtle spices, a smooth body and a smoky aroma.
  • Espresso
    A dense bodied roast with a hint of chocolate and a delicious “crema” topping.
  • Brazilian Cerrado Medium
    A high quality, medium bodied roast with mild acidity and a tinge of sweetness.
  • Cold Brew Iced Coffee
    The perfect combination of low acidity, a smooth finish and on-demand convenience. To prepare: Soak course coffee grounds in cold water overnight (8-12 hours), strain and refrigerate. Add additional water, milk or soy and serve over ice. One pound of dry coffee grounds yields approximately a half-gallon of liquid coffee concentrate.
  • Poppin’ Pecan 
    A medium roasted, full bodied blend with a sensational pecan flavor.

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we roast your beans the next morning


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